SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Snow removal groups prepare for winter weather long before the snow hits the roads.

Snow plow operators said the last few weeks before winter is their busiest time of the year. Aaron Smith is the owner of Joe Gutters, but he also offers snow removal services. He said winter is a chaotic time.

“It’s crazy for us because it’s not the only thing we do,” Smith said. “We’re a diversified company that does a lot of different things. This time of year we’re trying to tackle our lists for the rest of the year and prepare for the snow as well.”

According to Smith, preparing for the snowy weather always takes a lot of time.

“We have to change oil and fuel filters in these vehicles and in these plows,” Smith said. “We have to get salt and salt ready for our salters, just a ton of preparation to make sure that we’re ready for that snowfall.”

Ron Gleiser is the highway maintenance supervisor for the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) in Sioux City. He said while winter weather can be unpredictable, they’ve got the preparation down to a routine.

“Everything is pretty much the same every year,” Gleiser said. “It’s a routine. The guys got it down pretty pat. We start getting ready a good month and a half before the first threat of any snow to make sure we’re good to go.”

Gleiser had one request for Siouxlanders as winter approaches.

“Just a reminder to the public to give these guys room when you see these lights out there,” Gleiser said. “Slow down. Give them room. They’re out there working for you.”