Siouxland’s sweetheart, Mikki Paul, has closed the book on her 100 year life story — but not without leaving a lasting legacy on her beloved community. She was many things to many people: a bright and smiling face as a Walmart greeter until the age of 99, a ticket taker at the movie theater, she was involved in the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the Children’s Miracle Network, but to Mikki, it wasn’t about what she was doing but why she was doing it; to befriend every person she crossed paths with.

“Just a very caring person…once you knew her, you liked her. And once she met you, you were her friend. Very amazing lady,” Delores Sturgeon said.

“More people need to be like Mikki — outgoing and at the age of 90, she was still working 2 jobs full time,” Linda Herfel said.

As a Walmart greeter for 25 years, folks always looked forward to seeing her familiar face.

“People coming into the store would ask for Mikki and she was always beaming — quite a history behind this lady,” Sturgeon said.

“When she was introducing our new market manager, Mikki met her husband once and remembered his name and asked how he was doing. She remembered people’s names and if she knew you, she’d call you by name when you walked in the store,” 

She was just that type of person to take the time and make anybody feel special, and when her friends found out she had never had a birthday party at age 90, they started rallying the community together every year to show her how cherished she was in Siouxland.

“So that she knew how many lives she touched, and at her hundredth birthday people just couldn’t believe…she knew all of them by name and was so excited to see them,” Herfel said.

At 95 years old it was Mikki’s biggest wish was to hop on the back of a motorcycle and go for a little joy ride. As her friend Delores fondly speaks of this memory, she says it embodies everything Mikki stood for.

“Oh live life to the fullest, embrace everything, be the best person you can be to anyone and everyone, and help all you can. That was always her goal, to make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed,” Sturgeon said.