“These are stories of successful people here in Sioux City. You have Leo Kucinski who was active in music here for almost 60 years. You have Jim Henry who was on television here for over 50 years. You have Dwight Hoff who was in business here for over 70 years. I don’t think stories get much better than that,” says Tom Munson, archives manager at the Sioux City Public Museum. 

Three successful Sioux Citians that many of you may know, and others may not, but they all have historical significance in making Sioux City the place it is today.

“I’m looking right now at the bomber jacket of Jim Henry,” says Munson. 

First, who is Jim Henry?

“He came to Sioux City to train at the Sioux City air base and he became a bombardier on a B-17 bomber,” says Munson. 

More than 75,000 artifacts lay in this museum’s storage, this bomber jacket being one of the many gems that the public hasn’t yet seen. 

“We are very fortunate here at the museum to get some interesting collections from significant people,” says Munson.

Although honorable for being a World War 2 vet, we know Henry best for his long career in television. He started at KVTV… the predecessor of KCAU. He would continue for more than 50 years. 

But the line of success doesn’t end with Henry, there’s more significant people like…

“Leo Kucinski,” says Munson

So who is Kucinski?

“Kucinski was Sioux City’s music man,” says Muson. 

A former director of the Sioux City Orchestra, municipal band, a music instructor at Morningside College, and he even meddled in the Lincoln Nebraska Orchestra as well as the Sioux Falls Orchestra. 

And last but certainly not least… 

“This is a significant Sioux Citian although he was born in Plymouth County and graduated from Merrill High School in 1923– Dwight Hoff,” says Munson. 

You may know Hoff for his history in dealing sports equipment…

“This is a miniature tackling dummy that was given to Dwight in commemoration of his 100th birthday,” says Munson.

Hoff lived til he was 104, and stayed active in the business scene longer than most. 
“He was featured on Jay Leno as being the oldest active businessman in the United States,” says Munson. 

Three successful Sioux Citians that if you didn’t know their role in history before, you have a bit better understanding of some of Sioux City’s successes.