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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – As businesses start to rethink how they’re going to meet customers’ needs in the wake of COVID-19, many Siouxlanders find themselves working from home.

Leslie Werden, a Morningside College humanities professor, says she and her students have adapted quickly to the situation by using programs such as Zoom to stay connected. However, Werden says the experience isn’t the same as learning face-to-face.

“My joy is actually being in the classroom,” Werden said. “I teach a public speaking class. How do you not watch audience reaction when you’re in a public speaking environment?”

Small business owners have also been affected.

Taylor Grote, owner of Honeywave Media, says equipment he ordered in January to make it possible to work from home arrived in the nick of time. Even so, the lack of new content–as well as a lack of access to the office–could spell trouble if things continue as is.

“We don’t have access to our in-office files, so it’s made it a little bit difficult to share projects back and forth amongst the team amid the work-from-home situation,” Grote said.

The influx of Siouxlanders working from home also has internet service providers doubling down to keep customers connected, even as their own employees work from home.

“We basically split our teams up into three groups, so that if we do have, or we are impacted by this virus, we have backups, and backups to the backup,” said Al Aymar, CEO of FiberComm.

Other Siouxlanders used to working from home now face a completely different kind of challenge.

With the kids home from school for four weeks, Shelly Hexom says finding balance is not always easy, but definitely rewarding.

“At two o’clock, we all stop what we’re doing and we go for a walk around the neighborhood, we bring the dog, it’s just kind of our fun little thing we do,” Hexom said.

Creating a schedule with your kids can help everyone stay on the same page, just make sure it has some flexibility to it.

“We have our reading time, and our math time–if I have a work meeting, or something that I need to do, then it’s like, ‘okay, we might need to switch video time with something else’,” Hexom said.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take a deep breath. If there’s a mistake, it’ll be okay. We will all figure out how to move past that,” Werden said.

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