SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Abortion is already banned in South Dakota, but in Iowa, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled earlier this month the state constitution does not protect the right to abortion but lawmakers are saying that there’s still much to be decided.

State Representative Chris Hall said the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling is an unfortunate decision and he worries Republican lawmakers will try to restrict abortion access without any exceptions.

“When the Republican legislature has brought bills up recently, they have not included any exceptions for the life of the mother or health of the mother or for rape and incest. Recent versions of Republican legislation have not included any exceptions,” Hall said.

State Senator Jeff Taylor said he supports the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision, but he said he expects lawmakers to consider exceptions.

“I think the only exception should be the life of the mother. I think in those other very difficult situations, I don’t think you punish the unborn child for the crimes, the sins, of the father,” Taylor said.

Susie Edgar is the director of Her Health Women’s Center in Sioux City. She said unplanned pregnancies can be difficult for women and it’s important that they know their options and have support.

“She might be wondering how she’s going to afford a baby or where she can live, just all the different questions that might be flooding her mind and we’re just a place where she can sit back, take a deep breath and help her process those decisions,” said Edgar.

Kim Scorza is the executive director of the Crittenton Center. She said restrictions on abortion could strain financial resources for families.

“With so many of our human services and social services programs, there’s not enough money to go around all the time and so if there are more people parenting, and they need more support, there’s going to need to be more dollars going into the system to support their families,” said Scorza

Edgar and Scorza both say while the supreme court decision does not impact the kind of services they provide, they expect an uptick in clients.

A protest for the SCOTUS’s decision was held in Sioux City Friday night as well. KCAU 9 reporter Nik Wilson brought us coverage from the event. You can view that in the video player below.