SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — There was a large police presence in Sioux City’s Cook Park for a day of fun.

Unity in the Community and local law enforcement were partying it up at the 7th Annual Block Party, but it’s about more than just good music and spending a day in the park.

Unity in the Community was founded to bring law enforcement together with those they serve to make the community safer for the officers and the public.

“When they’re able to tell us what important, when they’re able to interact and we’re able to see each other, human to human level, we’re just more effective,” said Sioux City Police Chief, Rex Mueller.

“You must be involved, you have to be involved to make change. If you want to see change happen, we are the change agent,” said Monique Scarlett of Unity in the Community.

The next time Siouxlanders can hang out with local law enforcement will be on August 2 during National Night Out.