Siouxlanders learn how to help prevent elder abuse

Local News

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Tuesday is World Elder Abuse Day, and a local organization is trying to help prevent Siouxlanders from falling vitcim.

Connections Area Agency on Aging held a conference to provide information and training to Siouxlanders that can help them recognize signs of elder financial abuse.

While it’s important for medical professionals or in the assisted living community to be able to detect these signs, it’s just as vital for Siouxlanders taking care of relatives.

“You know, their bills start being not paid, maybe they don’t show up to doctors appointment, maybe they start to act a little bit differently, they don’t have money to pay for prescriptions. They can call either the Connection Area Agency on Aging, they can call the police, they can call Iowa Legal aid and between the three of us, we’ll be able to get them where they need to go,” Tasha Jones with Connections Elder Abuse said. 

Officials say a major red flag for elder financial abuse is the person not knowing about significant purchases or withdrawals. It’s important to report elder abuse to local authorities, but most cases go unreported.

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