SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)– More than 20 people spent their morning on a hike through the woods at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center while learning about turkeys.

For the past three years, a naturalist at the nature center has taken people of all ages on a roughly mile-long walk through the natural trails, while stopping periodically to learn a fact or two about turkeys.

Kari Sandage, a naturalist with Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center says her favorite fact to teach is how to tell a male and female turkey apart.

“Males do the gobbling whereas the females don’t do that as much, the males get the big tail feathers and they have all these funky body appearances like beards, and the wattle and snout that the females don’t have,” said Sandage

Sandage says if people take away anything from the hike, she hopes it’s to have more appreciation for Thanksgiving’s mascot.