Siouxlanders keeping an eye on their water pipes as weather becomes colder

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – After the temperatures climbed to almost 40 degrees, they are expected to drop below zero this week.

Siouxland homeowners may want to keep an eye on their pipes.

With freezing temperatures expected to come when the sun goes down, there are some precautions we should be taking.

When pipes freeze it can be a nightmare, turning off our water supply and worse costing hundreds of dollars.

“My water main broke. All I could hear was water gushing out and I told my husband ‘Something is wrong with our water main.’ Well there was water gushing outside, so we called the water department and they came and shut it off and we had to call morning side plumbing to fix it,” said Karen Nissen, Sioux City resident.

With Siouxland’s frigid winters, many people have horror stories of bursting pipes.

“His pipes froze and caused a lot of damage and it was a pretty expensive fix. He replaced all his pipes recently. He got his water heater fixed and repaired,” said James Neal, Sioux City resident.

According to a State Farm Insurance study, Iowans had more than $2 million in damage from frozen pipes in 2019.

“You can end up with water or extreme water damage and if the flooding gets too bad you can wind up damaging a lot of stuff,” said Neal.

“Your pipes get frozen hard and then eventually they split open and then you have water rushing everywhere and it’s not a good thing to have water rushing in an unexpected place in your house,” said Alex Corbin, owner of Morningside Plumbing.

Corbin said you can run a small stream of water from the faucets in your home to help keep your pipes from freezing. But it’s the temperature around the pipes that will make the biggest difference.

“Just whatever you can to get heat in the general area of the pipes,” said Corbin. “We recommend to have heat on it as much heat as you can to make sure you have the most chance of it not freezing and also have a faucet that runs very slowly that way any chance the water freezes the water will just keep going instead of freezing in one spot.”

With the average broken pipe insurance claim at $11,000, many Siouxlanders have adopted their own tricks.

“One of the best things to do is put a heater up over and point it down so it’s blowing and heats up the pipes above it. That way it levels out the heat and prevents it from freezing,” said Neal.

One important tip Morningside Plumbing’s owner shared is for folks to turn off their water when going out of town.

That way, if a pipe breaks there is no additional water damage.

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