SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed bills into law on March 22 that bans kids and teens from gender-affirming care and using bathrooms of the gender they identify as.

Members of the community and Siouxland Pride Alliance held a vigil in opposition to the new laws. The event was a way of supporting and healing. Members of the local trans community and their allies came up to speak about their story and how laws like SF 482 and SF 538 affect them.

We spoke with the event’s coordinator about why this matters so much.

“She’s just presenting as her prepubescent self, going to the little girl’s room because that’s where little girls go to the bathroom. And now, because of the act of our legislature and the cowardice of our governor, that child is in danger,” Karen Mackey with Siouxland Pride Alliance said.

On April 1, Siouxland Pride Alliance and other groups plan to hold a banned book rally at the Sioux City Public Museum.