SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — With the recent Supreme Court rulings, some may agree that many of us are in need of a little zen in our lives.

Over at the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, Siouxlanders spent Saturday morning centering their minds and bodies while immersed in nature.

Participants started their day with a silent mediation.

Rinzai Zen priest, Dan Pecaut, said those excerises can help bring you wisdom and healing in the woods.

“So zen is sitting still, don’t move, don’t miss a breath, don’t look away until the mind can settle. And when the mind settles, we get quiet and our awareness opens and we see more of what is really happening,” said Pecaut.

After the meditation, participants were treated to a forrest bath, an excercise developed in Japan in the 1980’s to counter stress and burnout from the rise of technology and to help people reconnect with nature.

Something Pecaut said the world is in desperate need of right now.

“The idea of being in nature is very healing, so we will play with some games on how you can actually direct your mind to be even more present and thats even more healing,” said Pecaut.

No experience was necessary for these activities.