SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Siouxland YMCA will be holding an event to celebrate the beginning of a childcare project that was made possible by a grant from the Lowe’s Hometowns initiative.  

According to a release from the Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA, Siouxland’s YMCA was awarded a $25,000 grant as part of Lowe’s Hometowns initiative.  

The initiative helps to restore and revitalize spaces that serve as the core of communities. The grant will help to improve the YMCA’s childcare programs, including offering all-day childcare, drop-in care, and evening care that is set to launch by the end of 2022.  

“We’re excited to continue improving hometowns across the country by building our longstanding commitment to serving the communities where we live and work,” said Low’s chairman and CEO Marvin Ellison.  

The release stated that there are plans to renovate and restore the youth center that will serve as a licensed childcare center. The center will have new cabinets, countertops, a sink station, a fridge, and a dishwasher. Additionally, the YMCA will be able to use the grant to update locker rooms to be more family-friendly.  

“With the support from our staff, community, and partners, Low’s Hometowns will address an urgent need in our community,” said Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA’s CEO Rhonda Robson, “We look forward to stepping up and serving families in need through licensed childcare programming and this opportunity from Low’s Hometown Grant is a huge step in that direction.”  

To celebrate the grant, visit the Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA on Thursday at 9 a.m. for Red Vest Day when the project will begin.