Siouxland woman offers advice after recent bout with phone scammers

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Phone Scam Interview 07/26/2018

Chances are you or someone you know has been the target of phone scammers. The most common hoax supposedly involving the IRS.

Now there’s news of a major police sting that just might slow those scammers.  In this week’s CyberSafe Parent segment, a Siouxland woman shares her story of a close call with those very scammers.

It was a day like nearly every other for Del Tompkins.  At least until the phone started to ring.
According to the Federal Trade Commission nationally last year more than a quarter million scam call complaints came in with losses in the millions.

Luckily Del’s “would be” scammers didn’t get a dime.

“The first time I answered the phone I just had a sneaking suspicion that there was something not quit right with that phone call,” said Del Tompkins.  “That it was an urgent call and that I had to respond Immediately to the investigative division of the IRS.  They say call this number in 24 hours or we will send the local police department.  I said Uh uh.”

Deputy Vince Dvorak investigates cyber crime in Woodbury County.  He tells me Del picked up on something other people need to remember.

“If the person on the other end of the line is making it a time issue that you have to do something right now, that’s a red flag,” said Dvorak.

“My mother would have fallen for something like this,” said Tompkins.  And that’s what really bothers Del.

“It just irks me because there are too many senior citizens who will fall for this.
How do these people get away with this ? That’s what upsets me,” says Tompkins.

Deputy Dvorak as well, because he says it’s usually an uphill battle to find the bad guys.

“A lot of time it crosses jurisdictions whether it be state or country.  If it’s country there’s not a lot of hope on following up on these things,” added Dvorak.

Del ended up getting 6 scam calls that day.  She logged them all on paper.  She keeps it as a reminder and shows it off as a warning for others.

“Whatever their shpeel is don’t fall for it,” said Del.

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