SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Learning social skills is important and some local students are already learning how to be professional.

Unity Elementary fifth-graders got the opportunity to practice their skills in meeting others, introducing themselves, and talking about themselves in a business-casual setting.

Students met with business professionals from across all industries as well as school board members to enhance their interpersonal skills.

The event is part of the web-based careers program, “I Have a Plan Iowa”.

“I’m actually talking to people that have jobs and we’re talking about what job career we want to be and we’re talking to people how we’re supposed to have a firm handshake and how we’re supposed to talk to them in a nice way,” said fifth-grader Ava Ghea.

The event was made possible through a community outreach grant from the Iowa Schools Education Association.

Unity staff members said they hope to continue with this event in the future.