BRONSON, Iowa (KCAU) — Each fall, communities across Siouxland hold benefit auctions to help support their school sports teams. Few produce the “feel good” moment that came from this year’s Lawton-Bronson Auction.

There are those who say nothing good happens at the bar. The parents of eight-year-old Miles Thompson would disagree. So would most folks on hand for this year’s Lawton-Bronson football benefit auction.

“The amount of people it drew was crazy. Probably a thousand people down here,” said Dusty Mathey, who owns the Bronson Bar.

In the middle of town outside the Bronson Bar, folks came together to give a little of their own money to help the hometown sports teams and where the stars aligned.

“I said, ‘Hey can I donate a puppy?’ And they said, ‘That’s crazy,’ because they were trying to find somebody that wanted to donate a puppy,” said Dusty.

“We saw the Facebook post, we showed him a picture and he got it in his mind that I have some money and I’m going to bid and get it,” said Miles’ dad Kendal Thompson.

“We were kind of surprised how much he had saved up,” added Kendal.

“$113.50,” said Miles Thompson, “I’ve been raising bucket calves for 2 or 3 years now.”

His mind set on one thing. 

“And it was the dog,” said Miles.

“Once he saw the dog was going to come up, he bolted up there with his money and waited and got a number so he could bid and went to the auctioneer and said I’m going to bid on the dog,” said Kendal.

With his hard earned $113.50 on the line.

“Ya know, in a community, it’s going to go for more than that, it was just a tearjerker for a lot of people,” said Dusty.

“The next bid came in and you could see, not my night,” said Kendal.

“We thought it was a good lesson for him.  Just because you want something doesn’t always mean you’ll always get it. Good life lesson,” said Kendal.

Bronson the American Lab sold for $1,500.

“I guess I just kind of had the feeling that if he was willing to spend every penny he had saved up I was going to do whatever I could to fulfill his dream,” said Spencer Griffith.

Spencer Griffith was one of several folks raising the bid to benefit the football team.

“Once the auction started, I was more determined to keep bidding and bidding until the auction was over,” Spencer added.

The auction ended but Miles’ hopes of bringing the puppy home didn’t.

“I guess I knew it was something he needed to have,” added Spencer. “Made him happy, and I guess made my wife happy as well that I wasn’t coming home with the dog.”

Miles had his newest best friend.

“Turned out he was going to learn another lesson; generosity and it was great to see.”

“Definitely put tears in my eyes. Kind of emotional but definitely a happy night I guess,” Spencer said.

“Hopefully, it’s something we can give back to, paying it forward in a similar situation,” said Kendal.

A season-starting moment that won’t soon be forgotten.

“Ya don’t know that’s going to happen.  It’s the nature of the community. People giving back,” said Dusty. “It all turned out in the end.  Still to this day it gives me goose bumps.”