Siouxland screen printing businesses bounce back during the holidays

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — COVID-19 has prevented events, big gatherings, and sporting events, thus causing a strain on the screen printing industry.

However, unlike bars and restaurants, the losses a business-like Absolute Screen Printing in South Sioux City is experiencing is a little more hidden.

“You know, there hasn’t been the need this year for people to buy uniforms t-shirts and just generally get together and celebrate those events and being part of the community,” said Mike Fossum, with Absolute Screen Art.

The pandemic, often times eliminating the need for medals, ribbons, plaques and trophies. leave business owners to feel little less like a winner.

“We did go through a stretch there where we did have to do some layoffs for a couple of weeks but our staff is back full and working full time,” said Fossum.

Across the river in Sioux City, the owner of Five-Star Awards and More said he, too, is optimistic the worst is over.

“Early on in the pandemic, things really slowed down, but in the last few months, they have picked up considerably,” said Krage Feste.

A silver lining for the screen printing industry as the holiday season quickly approaches.

“Fortunately, we do a lot of different things we do gifts awards engraving for people so those things have allowed us to comeback and things are going really strong and were happy about that,” said Feste.

A personalized gift with extra meaning this year that also helps keep Siouxland businesses thriving.

“We have had to shift gears and focus more on corporate side of things because people need to work people still need uniforms for their jobs people still need things embroidered personalized gifts and people still need Christmas gifts that type of stuff,” said Fossum.

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