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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – What was supposed to be a two-week shutdown turned into months of closures and restrictions for the service industry.

Now, almost a year later, restaurants continue to face different challenges. Like many industries, restaurants are dealing with product shortages.

The owner of Townhouse Pizza & Lounge tells KCAU he couldn’t host wing Wednesday because he couldn’t get enough product.

No product means no sales.

“When I go through my order list and 4 out of 10 items are out of stock, it’s really a struggle,” Rick Dominowski said.

He said it’s not just wings that he can’t get his hands on either.

“We had beef shortages for a while; we’ve had pork shortages. We’ve had all sorts of stuff, and it is every day and things that people don’t think of,” said Dominowski. “If we don’t have product to sell, we don’t make money, and we if we don’t make money, then our employees don’t make money. Our servers don’t make money. Our kitchen guys, you know, we’re letting them go earlier, so they’re not getting as much in their paychecks either, so yeah, it’s a huge economic impact for us that when we don’t have that product to sell to people and people want it, it makes it hard.”

Dominowski adds the costs of products have also been impacted.

“Historically wing prices always climb all the way through the Super Bowl because it’s a popular football item, and then usually after the Super Bowl, it kind of levels off, and it kind of hangs at a normal rate. Well, that hasn’t happened this year. It’s stayed high. So, it’s definitely difficult to make ends meet when you’re paying extra for a product that you’re not used to paying that much for,” Dominowski said.

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