DES MOINES, Iowa (KCAU) — The 21st annual contest has come to a close and the winners have been announced.

According to a release from the Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA), The Roadhouse in Orange City took second place in the competition. They received a $250 prize and a plaque from IPPA.

Each submission was scored on taste, quality, physical characteristics, and eating experience. IPPA members and industry affiliates traveled to the top 40 locations and gave scores anonymously based on their visit.

The release noted that IPPA received more than 9,000 nominations for 774 restaurants during this year’s competition. Two Siouxland restaurants were finalists in the competition.

“Thick and juicy or thin and crispy — people travel crazy distances to sink their teeth into different versions of this Midwest staple,” IPPA’s Marketing and Programs Director Kelsey Sutter said, “Tenderloins connect people from all over the world, and it just takes one bite to understand why they’re such a hit!”

The first-place award was given to Cliff’s Place in Manning. Their sandwich includes 6 ounces of pork, sliced from a boneless loin, and tenderized. The sandwich is hand-breaded to order with a mixture of Flor and Flavor- Crip’s “chicken on the Run” Find Grind seasoned breading, dipped in buttermilk, then coated a second time in dry flour before being deep fried. Served on a toasted Rotella’s Italian Bakery bun, and halved for easier handling. It’s dressed in lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, and optional cheese.