Siouxland principal nails scary stunt in the name of physics

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NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KCAU) — The Dakota Valley High School physics class broke in the new school year by smashing concrete over their principal.

On Friday, students placed Principal Erik Sommervold on a bed of nails, put a concrete block on his chest and pounded him with a sledgehammer, all in the name of science.

The goal was to show how physics can make it so laying sharp nails and being hit with a sledgehammer won’t hurt if done right.

“Part of that is that were talking about inertia and objects in motion and stuff, with him laying on the bed with I’m back absorbing most of his points I mean their sharp, as you saw I mean, this is not fake, it’s just about weight distribution and inertia,” said high school science teacher Todd Ascherl.

Ascherl has been teaching decades for a couple decades. He said he found interactive and demonstrative-type learning to be the most beneficial in his classroom, especially when it comes to a topic that might be harder to grasp.

He plans on doing many more activities like this in the future, as long as the volunteers are brave enough to partake.

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