National turnover rates for folks working in nursing homes has gone up 25 percent since last year. With Iowa alone currently hitting double digits.

In Siouxland nursing homes are feeling these high turnover rates created  by the Covid-19 Pandemic. But even so, a few facilities continue to fill all their shifts

“We’re pretty much full staff. we’ve actually been pretty lucky during this whole pandemic to be able to keep our staff. we have a lot of long term staff. i think we have over 30 people that have been here for at least 15 to 20 years.” Says Courtney Hudelson.

currently the sunrise retirement home is experiencing a 70 percent turnover rate, but due to local schools, they don’t have staffing problems.

“We’re lucky on our location. We get people from WITT that will come work for us while their going to school there or while their living on the dorms so it’s a close place for them.” Says Courtney Hudelson

Over 72 percent of Iowa nursing homes say their dealing with staff burnout as a result of the on going pandemic.

“Workers are frankly just tired. They have been working in the pandemic environment for the past 3 years with no end in sight. And while the rest of us see life get back to normal, recently with the decline in cases and the severity of cases of COVID. They are still in the pandemic environment.” Said Lori Ristau

Even with the high turnover rates, nursing homes facing a staffing shortages can’t close down like retailers did.

“So what we are seeing providers do is, they are simply working over time. and the staff that they have their asking them to take on extra shifts. they are also paying additional fees for agency staff to bring in staff from staffing agencies to fill staffing gaps.” Said Lori Ristau

Currently the highest turnover jobs in nursing homes are certified nursing aids, dietary and housekeeping staff.