SAC COUNTY, Iowa (KCAU) — Sac County Sheriff’s officers arrested a man who stole $1,200 worth of copper wire from a Siouxland construction company.

According to the Sac County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, officers responded to a call of a robbery at Mohr Concrete Sand and Gravel on Thursday around noon.

Security footage captured a 2011 Chevrolet truck coming on to the property driven by a person wearing a ski mask, goggles, camouflage vest with orange lining and gloves. The person stole large diameter copper wiring estimated around $1,200.

The license plate captured in the footage led employees to the home of Kevin Tjaden, of Lake View, Iowa, where they confronted Tjaden and found a large pile of copper wire that matched the type that was stolen earlier and notified law enforcement. Tjaden left the area and was stopped by Sac County sheriff’s deputies in Lake View.

During a search, deputies seized some copper wire that had the covering burned off and clothing that was consistent with the ones the suspect was wearing during the theft. Officers also found assorted drug paraphernalia. A 3-foot section of large diameter copper wire was also found in Tjaden’s truck.

Kevin TjaKevin Tjaden was arrested and charged with theft 2nd degree -control or possession of stolen property a class “D” felony. Tjaden was able to post a $5,000 bond and was released from jail.

The investigation is ongoing.