A 21-year-old Whiting, Iowa man is facing new charges after authorities say he tried to bribe a man he had robbed earlier this year into dropping charges against him. 

According to court documents, Justin Dahlheimer was charged with robbery after authorities say he lured an acquaintance to a Sioux City neighborhood so that he could rob him back in January. 

Police say that Dalheimer arranged to meet with the victim at a McDonalds on Hamilton Boulevard on May 15th. When he arrived, he got into the victim’s pickup and authorities say he handed him $300 in exchange for not testifying against him. Afterwards the two drove towards the victim’s house, but were pulled over on the way there. 

Dalheimer was taken into custody at that time and authorities say he was also found to be in possession of a marijuana pipe. 

He’s now facing the additional charge of Tampering with a Witness of Juror. Dalheimer is still facing a 2nd Degree Robbery Charge in connection to the January robbery.