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Siouxland lawmakers stress importance of Iowa farmers during D.C. trip

Megan Jones of Rock Rapids met with Trump Administration staffers

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Iowa lawmakers are going a great distance to make sure the Trump administration understands the importance of agriculture in Siouxland.

Legislators, including Siouxland Republican Megan Jones, in the nation's capitol making their pitch Tuesday.

While meeting with members of the Trump administration, the local delegation is selling agriculture and warning of the damage that will be caused if a trade war including commodities continues.

Representative Jones, a Republican from Sioux Rapids, who's married to a farmer, says she told Trump staffers that Iowa farmers are strong in tough situations, but the administration needs to understand the importance of the industry.

Jones says, "So we understand what the Trump administration is doing, so we're supportive of that, but at the same time we need to realize here that the farmers are a vital source of our economy, so we need to make sure that we're protecting them, but at the same time farmers are very patient people and we're going to push through this at the same time."

Jones says the Iowa delegation was to receive a status update on the tariff situation as well as a timeline for  what could be ahead, but she acknowledges time could be running short for some some Siouxland farmers. 

"Agriculture is really important to our economy and we're facing those tariffs while we're also facing severe flooding in northwest Iowa so it's really important that we have representation on the federal level," added Jones.

Sioux City State Representative Tim Kacina is also part of the Siouxland delegation visiting D.C.


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