Siouxland lawmakers react to minimum wage increase proposal

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(KCAU) – Among those opposing the minimum wage increase are lawmakers from rural states like South Dakota.

South Dakota Representative Dusty Johnson said the wage hike would be the wrong move for rural America.

“The reality is that Los Angeles and New York City are not like South Dakota. The wage scale, the cost of living is very different in rural areas than it is in urban areas. Now, South Dakota has its own minimum wage. They exercise local leadership at the state level. A $15 federal minimum wage will destroy more than a million jobs. You don’t have to take my word for it, that’s from the non-partisan CBO,” said Representative Johnson (R-SD).

Looking at the stimulus bill as a whole, Iowa Congressman Randy Feenstra said he has issues with where the money is going.

“I’m truly disappointed in the bill. It’s $1.9 trillion of spending and if you look out to it, it will create our deficit to $40 trillion over the next several years. It’s tragic for everyone in the U.S. and more importantly how tragic it is that only 9% of it is going to COVID relief,” said Congressman Feenstra (R-IA).

Congressman Feenstra supports an amendment to the bill that would provide financial help to Iowans impacted by the derecho, but he said he’s hearing it could be stripped out of the final version.

“We need a lot of things. Our farming community in Iowa is struggling after the derecho, it destroyed 43% of our agriculture crop,” said Congressman Feenstra (R-IA).

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