(KCAU) — Food prices have increased nationwide and not just at the kitchen table, even meals fed to inmates are costing more.

At the Woodbury County Jail, a plate of food for one inmate will run about $1.97.

There are currently about 235 inmates with around 700 meals being served per day which adds up to around $1,350. The cost of a plate of food has gone up 10 cents since the last budget, and over a year, that chunk of change adds up.

“This year, our budget is $426,000. Next year, our budget is $483,000.”

Woodbury County Supervisors recently approved that increase of about $60,0000 which will take effect in July.

Woodbury County Jail Administer Captain Todd Harlow said because the consumer price index went up 3.8%, the vendor said it needs more money to cover expenses, like paying for product and kitchen staff.

“It’s $60,000, so it’s a big chunk out of our budget to pay the food vendors. So, it is a big chunk of money for the taxpayers,” said Capt. Harlow.

The rise in food prices won’t impact inmates sentenced to jail. They will continue to pay $50 per day. However, that’s not the case over in Union County where they charge $65 a day per inmate.

It’s a higher daily fee, but the costs of a plate will run about five dollars.

Dan Limoges is the Union County Sheriff. He said the jail isn’t locked into a contract so the cost of food will vary depending on the amount of inmates.

“We’re locked in per food, per serving. He only charges the meals that we order for that day,” said Limoges.

Still, he said the cost per plate is spendy.

Three meals a day with an average of 40 inmates. That totals about $600.

Some inmates come from Clay County, but Sheriff Limoges said Clay County covers that cost.

He said expanding the jail could help combat the rise in food prices.

“If we can factor in a room or a kitchen, say whether we do it in house or have a provider come and do it, I think that will help lower the costs,” said Limoges.