Siouxland is digging out after blizzard drops nearly a foot of snow

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Snow has stopped falling, winds are still kicking, and the dig-out has begun. Siouxlanders are buried after a blizzard drops 10″ of snow in the Metro.

Along with that snow came gusty 35 mph winds and near whiteout conditions, characteristic of a blizzard. This snow storm nearly cured our seasonal snow deficit all by itself…taking us from a 10″ hole to about normal with 23.8″ for the season, normal for the end of February is 25.4″.

I measured about 10.5″ in the Morningside area of Sioux City where residents have shovels, ATV’s, and snow blowers to make room for cars and walkways. Many of the main roads are in ok shape, still snow covered but passable…the side streets are a different story. Field services for the city says they are working on getting to priority three neighborhoods tonight.

All this comes just 36 hours after a long stretch of record breaking warmth in the upper 60’s and 70’s! 

“I’d rather have the 70 degrees!! [laughs], a lot better!”, says Margaret Tomlinson, Siouxland Resident.

“A couple of people caught up by my house, we live over in Morningside and they got stuck so I’ve been helping push a few cars” says Genny Towner, Siouxland Resident.

50 pieces of equipment and 70 guys are out on the streets trying to get them passable. Emergency routes, priority ones and twos have all been passed by plows.

“We’re getting help from the Parks Dept, Utilities Dept, Streets, and Central Maintenance Garage where the mechanics are at… it’s a team effort, everybody jumps in and helps out” says Ed Pickens, Sioux City Field Services Director.

This snow has also been a powdery one…

“We’re going to go sledding! Mom’s probably going to stay at home with the one year old but the four year old might go out with Dad, so hopefully! We’re not sure where at yet but Morningside’s got plenty of hills though so, it’ll be fun!” says Charles Gurnsey, Siouxland Resident.

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