SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Many know that New Years’ Day marks the start of the busiest stretch of year for health clubs like the Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA who held their community health day to kick off 2022.

According to a recent survey, about half of the resolutions Americans make each New Years’ Day have to do with improving their health and fitness or losing weight. It’s why the Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA waived all admission fees today and allowed anyone in the community to check out their facilities for free.

“It’s whatever you need and wherever you’re at in your journey, we can help you support that so we just remind everybody that on the first of the year, you can pick us because we pick you everytime,” said YMCA’s Membership and Community Enagagement Director Michele Melo.

With a great deal like that, personal trainers and staff at the Y understand the responsibility they have to keep everyone safe. Melo says they’ve been working on preparations for the uptick in traffic.

“You’ll see a lot of cool increases around here. I know that a few of our members who’ve been here for a bit with us have noticed some multiple re-arranging of our equipment, just trying to find that right flow for the right amount of people in certain areas so we aren’t overcrowding,” said Melo.

Planet Fitness is offering a $0 down payment, $10 a month offer for new members good through the first few days of the year, but Melo mentioned an incentive the YMCA offers that other gyms can’t – free child care with a membership – to motivate families to continue towards the goals they make today.

“So let’s say your New Years resolution is to spend more time with your kids, well you also need to work on you so if you get off work at about 5 o’clock, come here, get your workout in while we play with your kids and then you go and swim in our family fun pool directly after, why is that not a great evening activity,” said Melo.

Melo says the YMCA starts to see a decline in demand for their services around the third week of January but a special membership deal for those who make it to January 20 is in the works.