Siouxland girl makes one of a kind clothing for kids in need

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Stitch by stitch, 11-year-old Megan Brennan is using her talents and firing up her sewing machine to bring joy to children in need. 

Megan’s grandma, Virginia Freyermuth says, I was not surprised because she always wants to do something to help kids, to help people.

It just feels good knowing that you’ve helped someone else, says Brennan.

So the little girl with a big heart decided to take a unique twist on the average pillow case, enlisting the help of her grandma to produce one-of-a-kind, handmade clothing.

Brennan says, It’s an easier way to make the dresses because that way you don’t have to worry about width sizing because pillow cases are pretty round

And step by step…

You cut a quarter inch off the top, then you cut two arm holes, then I clipped all the threads, pressed them, measured them… said Brennan.

Months of work, creating over 100 pillowcases.

There’s some bright ones, some dark ones, some girly ones, some kind of tomboyish ones, says Brennan.

Passing the time by imagining the girls that will eventually wear them.

Freyermuth says, Another fabric donation that looked like coffee beans and you wonder do they grow coffee beans where the girl got that dress? Or the fabric with the flags, wondering if the little girl who would ultimately get that dress- if she knew her country’s flag.

Sewn with love, and eventually sent across the globe to children in places like Honduras and Guatemala, where, now dozens of little girls wear their creations proudly.

Freyermuth says, ”I had tears running down my cheeks, just seeing these little girls with the ends being tied and the big smiles on their faces.

All thanks to kindness of another little girl half-way across the globe.

Brennan says, ”I just felt really good knowing that I made them feel good wearing something nice so they didn’t have to wear old clothes.

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