SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A Sioux City nonprofit has received a donation from two groups that support these organizations.

The Siouxland Foster Closet received a donation of over $10,000 from the 100-plus men who care and the 100-plus women who care.

Both of these organizations meet on a quarterly basis to select a local nonprofit to get that quarter’s donations.

The director of the Foster Closet told KCAU 9 the check will help give children the ability to get the supplies they need.

“Oftentimes, kids are removed from their homes with nothing, just the clothes on their back so this is an opportunity for them to come into a stress-free calm shopping experience to pick up anything they need,” Siouxland Foster Closet Director Rocelle Pfeifer said.

The Closet says it will be using its donated funds to purchase supplies like diapers as well as pay for any maintenance.