Siouxland farmers impacted by hail storm gather for meeting

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PLYMOUTH COUNTY, Iowa (KCAU) – Siouxland farmers whose crops were damaged in Tuesday’s storm are figuring out their next steps.

Hail up to an inch in diameter, mixed with winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour damaged many crops. This has Siouxland farmers, especially those in Plymouth County, looking for answers.

“I had about 1,400 acres hit with hail. Some of it is a complete loss, it’s down to the ground. Some of it, we’ll make some grain but it’s going to be a challenge to get it harvested and the yields will be very poor,” said Adam Schroeder, whose farm hosted the meet up.

“Actually, it wiped out about half of my corn production. I need the corn to feed to my hogs. I estimate about half of it is either 75% destroyed or totally destroyed,” said Bill Tentinger, a corn, soybean, and hog farmer who was impacted by the hail.

Joel DeJong is with the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Office.

“Well we’re just trying to give them hints to make a decision. Number one is what’s growth and development of the plants, because stage of growth makes a difference on estimating what the yield loss is going to be. Number two is we talk about how much stand is left. How many of those plants are left,” said DeJong, who gave farmers hope during a difficult time.

“It’s very valuable. You know, we live in small communities here, and I’ve had so many phone calls and text messages saying, ‘Hey, thinking of you, care for you,’ and it’s just, that’s what I love about a small town,” said Schroeder.

Some crops are covered by insurance, for instances like this. Insurance companies are expected to begin assessing the crop damage as early as next week. For resources regarding hail damage, click here.

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