MERIDEN, Iowa (KCAU) — A family-owned farm in Siouxland earned recognition from the state of Iowa.

The Cronin family was awarded the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award for their community work and soil conservation, but they said their farm has faced plenty of obstacles over the years.

Tim Cronin has owned the farm since 1975. Cronin said every year brings different challenges for farmers in Siouxland

“Low grain prices, just everything,” said Cronin. “The different growing, how we grew through the years, the different challenges it takes trying to grow and all the new innovations that are available to us.”

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig presented the award to the Cronin family and praised their community service work. Cronin said supporting the community is a belief his family has held all their lives.

“That’s what we’ve been all our life so we don’t know anything different, but it takes the smaller farmer, very important to the agriculture community,” said Cronin. “We do our business here locally, so everyone benefits from us being a small farmer.”

Naig said small family farms like the Cronin’s tackle obstacles in the present while also paving the way for future farmers.

“In these family operations where a lot of times they incorporate livestock or maybe some custom work, in this case, you’ve got trucking involved and farming. They have to get creative in creating space for the next generation to get into these operations,”said Naig.

Cronin said this year has been challenging with the lack of rain. He hopes his grandkids will take over the farm someday and keep the tradition going.