Siouxland farm implements face equipment shortage as harvest season nears

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A shortage of parts for farm implements could cause problems for farmers as harvest season approaches.

Summer months are busy for implement dealers and mechanics as they help farmers get ready for fall, but the ongoing equipment shortages have thrown a wrench into their plans.

Farming equipment dealers are urging Siouxlanders to submit their orders as early as they can, With the harvest season right around the corner, dealers are trying to meet the demands of customers.

AgriVision Equipment Regional Manager Mark Kuhn said communication has helped him prep during this shortage.

“We definitely are pressing customers to get orders in and looking through inventory a lot harder trying to get work orders and parts on work orders early because it has definitely been challenging to get stuff and it has slowed things up,” said Kuhn.

Along with the scarcity of parts, Kuhn said the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as labor shortages in factories that manufacture equipment, also are contributing to the dilemma as harvest season approaches.

“From our side and their side, it is difficult to find people and COVID has got people nervous to come back to work and everyone is needing more labor than what we got,” Kuhn said.

Implement dealers aren’t the only ones facing obstacles. Mechanics are busy this summer trying to keep up with clients’ repairs.

Andy Gears, the owner of Diesel Specialties, said he’s been dealing with a parts shortage since last fall.

“We’ve been busier than what we’ve ever been. So there’s high demand and part supply is short and our manufacturers are way behind supplying those parts,” Gears said.

Workforce shortages and COVID-19 has also impacted his ability to get parts.

That’s definitely a factor because when you start shutting down factories, it seems like it takes them three months to catch back up and then since demand has been high, it just has continued to escalate.

As the harvest season gets closer, implement dealers and mechanics can only hope farmers will let them know sooner rather than later if they need new equipment.

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