Siouxland family has trouble getting care for son due to Medicaid changes

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“He deserves this help, and the state has let him down, they’ve let us down” says Wendy King, mother impacted by Medicaid changes.

Fetal alcohol syndrome’s effects go far beyond physical disabilities. Wendy King’s 8 year old adopted son who’s suffered from the affliction has frontal lobe damage associated with the disease.
And while Isaiah’s performance in school is above average, the disease affects his impulse control, causing him to become violent on occasion, sometimes punching holes in walls and throwing toys.
Looking for the care he needs has posed a challenge for the King family, considering the state of Iowa doesn’t have facilities with the means to care for conduct disorders. And because of the privatization changes affecting Medicaid in Iowa, the closest facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is not able to  help Isaiah as a patient.
“Right now we filed an exception to policy through IME, Iowa Medicaid Enterprises, to get him to be able to go, and if we get that approved, that’s great…but they still can’t take him because they’re not currently taking any children from Iowa because they’re not getting paid for the Iowa kids they already have” says Wendy King, mother impacted by Medicaid changes.
Wendy has written letters to the governor and local senators asking for help, but has received no response. She says she’s frustrated and feels legislators and MCO’s acted too quickly and don’t have enough time to prepare and offer the proper care needed.
The Iowa Department of Human Services says Iowa patients are their first concern.
“We’ve been talking about the transition to manage care for over a year now, so we feel that that has been a lot of time for people to start thinking about the idea and being prepared for the transition, We also know that manage care is not new to Iowa, we’ve had manage care as part of program for more than two decades” says Amy Lorentzen McCoy, Public Information Officer, Iowa Department of Human Services.
Iowa DHS encourages patients to call their service line for help with coverage and health care plans.
Although her son currently has a good support system, Wendy says Isaiah is in need of pediatric mental health care unavailable to him in Iowa.
“We need this so badly and can’t get it. We have fought so hard to get Isaaih the help he needs. The school has helped, AEA has been a God sent to help us get this exception to policy filed, and like I said, we just keep hitting brick wall after brick wall” says Wendy King, mother impacted by Medicaid changes.

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