SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Siouxland fifth graders delivered canned goods to a local food pantry Tuesday morning.

Morningside STEM Elementary School students arrived early Tuesday morning to drop off roughly 800 cans of food at the St. Luke’s Lutheran Church food bank on South St. Aubin Street. Students and faculty collected cans for last week’s “Can”-struction activity where students built one-of-a-kind designs out of canned foods.

One student said being able to help those in need warms her heart.

“It feels pretty great actually, ’cause it makes me happy that you guys are feeding a lot of people and it’s pretty awesome that we can actually help do this,” said Nardos Begerezbhier.

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church food bank officials said they hope for the donation of food to last for a few months.