SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – For Kelly and Danielle Mitchell, Halloween has always been their favorite holiday. But this year’s celebrations may be their most Spooktacular.

The couple met four months ago, and they say they immediately fell in love with each other. One of the many interests they share is a love for Halloween.

“I always loved Halloween, it’s always been a really fun holiday for me, being scary, you know… time to just be different and weird and it’s acceptable,” said Danielle Mitchell, the bride.

“I started noticing around her house, I’m like, like man, there’s a lot of Nightmare before Christmas stuff in here, I see some different Beetlejuice items hanging out, different Tim Burton stuff and I’m like so, you’re like me,” said Kelly Mitchell, the groom.

In July, they made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together. After some discussion, the couple decided to combine their love and love of the spooky holiday to theme their wedding day for Halloween.

“It was like two weeks later, we were just like, should we elope? Let’s just, let’s just get married. We know it’s perfect, we know we want to do this. I had always wanted a Halloween wedding, I didn’t want to do the traditional all in white. I was like, I love black and wearing it, so it was just perfect for us,” Danielle Mitchell said.

“He’s loved it since he was a little kid, and so has Dani. So that was really nice when they crossed paths, that they, they both had so many things in common and this was something they really wanted to do,” the Groom’s mother Barbara Mitchell said.

Candy of course is a big part of Halloween. So the fact the Mitchell’s said their I do’s at Sioux City’s historic “Chocolate Mansion” shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“Two weeks ago, we’re like how’s everything going to come together, how’s it going to come together, and now we’re here and it’s like phew, everything went well,” Kelly Mitchell said.

Including a guest book of friends who joined in on the Halloween theme wearing costumes of their own.

The newlyweds told KCAU their honeymoon won’t be Halloween-themed. They plan on traveling to Ireland in the next few months to see a country they both admire.