SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Losing weight is no easy challenge, but one Siouxland couple said they hope their story can motivate others.

Sioux City residents John and Martha Vodochodsky have lost a combined 250 pounds since July of last year, but they also said that they still have more work to do.

John weighed more than 400 pounds a couple of years ago. He said the fear of long-term health complications motivated him to start losing weight.

“My health wasn’t all that great,” John said. “I had high blood pressure. I had high cholesterol and I was right on the border of having diabetes.”

He began working with Sanford Health’s weight management program. His wife Martha joined him shortly afterward. She said while progress takes time, it’s a great feeling when the results start to show.

“Just hang in there, I mean it is truly worth it, taking control of your health and eating healthier and exercising,” she said.

While she and her husband have stuck to their diet plan, she said the most powerful motivator is going on this journey together.

“Like most married couples know, if one isn’t in it, the other has trouble maintaining it and we can be our best partners or we can be our worst enemies,” she said. “So, it’s been very helpful with him being very serious about it.”

Both of them said they still have more work to do to hit their target weight, but they’re confident they will get there by next summer as long as they have their diet plan and each other.