Siouxland company using fiber optics to speed up rural internet

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Out with the old and in with the new…. Wiatel is planning on switching their current copper system to this fiber network to offer better service to rural Iowa.

The pain of slow internet… You’ve probably experienced it. But those in rural areas can face even more challenges when it comes to getting connected. That’s why Wiatel, an Iowa based broadband company out of Lawton, is designing and engineering a 25 million dollar project to bury fiber optic cables across the area.
“Our copper based network that we have now works fantastically, but it’s a network that’s a little bit sensitive to distance, so customers who are closer to an office, may be able to get faster speeds than customers that are further away. This fiber optic project will eliminate that restriction completely, allowing all of our customers access to the same services” says Heath Mallory, Wiatel General Manager.
“Tons of orders that come through, and then we’re trying to make updates to our website, or stream video, or a conference call with a remote location… so it’s really tough on a copper set up. So fiber is going to be really big” says Eric Hennings, President College Products and Wiatel Customer.
The plan will impact every business, home, and farm in the company’s 700 mile service area. Mallory says their company has always been progressive, first deploying broadband in the late 90s. Now, they’re excited to surpass goals set by Iowa’s Governor Terry Branstad. 
“Well, our current broadband network actually satisfies many of the goals of the Governor’s latest broadband initiative. So, this current build out really is above and beyond what his goals are for” says Heath Mallory, Wiatel General Manager.
Wiatel plans on burying the cables by the summer, with hopes of having all customers with full service within 24 to 30 months.
“Once we get the fiber in the ground, I really think this network will probably serve our customers for many, many years to come” says Heath Mallory, Wiatel General Manager.

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