SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A few people chopped off a chunk of their hair all for a good cause. Over at the Warrior Hotel, Two Finches Spa hosted a hair donation and fundraising event that benefits wigs for kids in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

The event was inspired by 7-year-old Lorelei “Lolo” Edlund, who recently completed 2 and a half years of treatment for leukemia. She was a recipient of a Wigs for Kids wig and the wig helped Lolo feel good about herself.

“Wigs for Kids does an amazing job not only for kids with cancer, adults with cancer, people with Alopecia,” said Lolo’s dad Jeff Edlund, “Anybody that just really wants to feel better about themselves and has that opportunity to they really promote self-confidence and an amazing organization to work with.”

People who donated their hair needed to be able to provide a hair donation that was at least 12 inches in length and the hair must not be color-treated, permed, or highlighted.

KCAU 9 spoke with Lolo and one of her friends who donated her hair for wigs for kids.

“Adley’s hair was very beautiful when it was long, but now it looks even more beautiful cause it’s cut off and very softer because she did it for me,” said Lolo Edlund.

“I feel like everyone should be comfortable and feel like they belong,” said Adley Sieperda.

Each wig that Wigs for Kids creates requires around 25 to 30 donated ponytails and costs about $1,800 to produce, but children and families who receive a wig are never charged.