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A senior at Northwestern College used her art project to honor law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

“I was introduced to charcoal through the art major,” said Jaycee Vander Berg the artist.

Not your typical majors, Jaycee Vander Berg, is studying criminal justice and art. She combined her two passions in her senior art project, “End of Watch” an art exhibit showcasing 12 charcoal drawings of law enforcement officers who were killed in the line of duty.

“Every single one of these [drawing] were people who were doing everyday things. They were either serving warrants or serving papers or just a traffic stop, it was things that you wouldn’t expect to be in danger for, but they were and they were shot at for no reason and that is something I really wanted to highlight that these people really serve us every day,” said Vander Berg.

Last year alone, 150 law enforcement officers died serving their communities. Vander Berg hopes through her art she can call attention to the importance of recognizing those who put their lives on the line daily to protect others.

“It’s something that I really care about and something that’s close to my heart but it’s also something that I think is bigger than myself which is why I get really excited about it,” said Vander Berg.

Once the exhibit is closed and the pictures are taken off the walls. The drawings will continue to honor those who have fallen.

“After I had a couple of them done I started to become really connected to the project and realize these are real people that I’m drawing that are no longer here. Then I was like hey this is where the photos should end up is with the family members,” said Vander Berg.

Vander Berg says she spent over 90 hours working on all of her drawings and putting the gallery together.

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