SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Some Siouxland children learned safety tips from a local fire department.

Sioux City Fire Rescue used cars to demonstrate safety tips and the dangers that come from multi-vehicle accidents.

Aaron Lisle is a captain with Sioux City Fire Rescue, he says these kinds of car accidents are quite common in Siouxland especially when cold weather arrives. He says some simple safety tips can make a difference and he hopes this learning experience resonates with the students.

“You know just going way too fast, another big one, a basic forever, is wear your seatbelt, we had a couple scenarios where the person was thrown around inside the vehicle not wearing their seatbelt and obviously the biggest one is stay off your phone while you’re driving,” Lisle said.

He says phone use is especially a big problem on the roads and sometimes when an accident occurs people driving by will use their phones to film the scene and those drivers can cause an additional accident.