SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Arena football, live concerts, and even museum tours are just a few things happening in Siouxland this weekend. All are proof that life is starting to return to a pre-pandemic normal.

Steve Hansen is the Director of the Sioux City Public Museum. He says this summer will see events return for the first time in nearly 2 years.

“Probably in the last month and a half we’ve really started to make that transition. Now we’re fully open. We have a full slate of summer programming planned and all of our annual events that we have are back on the schedule like the annual car show,” says Hansen.

For some people, just interacting with others is nice and refreshing.

“It’s been great to at least take the kids out and go do a lot of different things. With them being restricted and even the fact that a lot of places don’t have the mask restriction like they used to now so it’s kind of nice to just be able to get out and enjoy life,” says Scott Embrock.

“Well it’s nice, good to see everybody’s face again and you know, you couldn’t see that here a while ago,” says Raymand Thibodeau.

“The biggest thing for us is I think it’s been almost 500 days since we’ve had live entertainment here. It’s obvious that our patrons are dying to see live entertainment again and that’s probably the biggest catalyst for us, as well as just getting back to normal operations,” says Mike Adams, the Assistant General Manager at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

More signs that what was being called “the new normal” is looking a lot more like “the old normal”. Some other things happening this weekend? The Sioux City Bandits will play the Wyoming Mustangs, The Sioux City Farmer’s Market will be open, and even the Baby Sharks will be live at the Tyson Events Center.