SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As a result of last year’s bird flu, ongoing inflation and supply chain issues, the prices of eggs are high, and stocks are low.

Whether you’re buying eggs for yourself or your business, Siouxlanders are experiencing a big shortage and higher prices when eggs are available.

One local bakery said a case of eggs in June of last year cost them $22, now they are paying $81 for the same amount. Claudia Hessa, the owner of Sugar Shack Bakery, said while she has increased her prices, she doesn’t want to increase costs more than she has to.

“Yes, you can go up, but you can’t go up enough to compensate for that, so like you said you have to find other ways to cut back. Hopefully, you know, we’ve tried to find other different ways we can more efficient and cut back on different things,” said Hessa.

To keep prices down, many small businesses in the area have started to help each other buy eggs and other components for a smaller price.

“If they have an ingredient that they get from a vendor that’s less expensive than the one that I’m getting or something. We kinda try to trade secrets there as far as pricing and things like that,” said Hessa.

Hessa said that she’s only begun making fewer popular goods to help compensate for the costs.