SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The alleys of Siouxland once again became a canvas for Siouxland artists during the Art Alley Festival on Saturday.

More than 60 artists came with paint and tools in hand to leave their creative mark for Siouxlanders to enjoy.

Food trucks, arts and crafts vendors, and more were also part of the event, and organizers hope the leave the people of Siouxland inspired.

“I mean, the muralists are the heart of this event, you know, and there’s been over 40 artists who have been working for five or six weeks, most of them, and just hope they come out here with, you know, a little more inspired, a little more of a, like a creative atmosphere,” said Brent Stockton with Vandgarde Arts.

For additional information about the organizers of the Art Alley Festival, click here.