SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — It’s open enrollment season for Medicare, and a local agency is encouraging Siouxland seniors to take a look at the plans.

Iowans who qualify for Medicare have the opportunity to compare traditional Medicare coverage and Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare open enrollment ends December 7th.

Chris Kuchta, with Connections Area Agency on Aging, says even if there’s been no change in your medication, you may still see changes in your Medicare plans.

“Those companies can change their benefits each year,” Kuchta said, “They can change their formularies, which is the list of drugs that are covered, they can change their co-pays, pricing structure, a lot of little details that are in each of those.”

Kuchta states that Medicare recipients should call and set up an appointment soon. However, if Connections Area Agency on Aging does get booked up, they can still help you find another agency that can help figure out open enrollment.