SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Sioux City’s Sunnybrook location has seen a major facelift during the past few years.

Since 2016, more than 600 multi-family apartments have been added to the Sunnybrook area. That, plus shopping locations, the bloom of retail, and even new healthcare options that make Sunnybrook is one of the fastest growing areas.

Angel Mcbride is the property manager at 48 South Apartments. She said she’s noticed major changes to Sunnybrook over the years.

“Driving through town with my kids it’s funny to see, well all of this used to be a field before and now we have Target and all of these places growing,” said Angel Mcbride.

Economic and community development director Marty Dougherty explains what additions helped Sunnybrook’s expansion.

“A lot of new apartments and town homes and things there that’s helped our community grow. We also have business growth going on there, commercial growth that’s filling in very nicely, despite COVID and all of those affects,” said Dougherty.

Mcbride said the job increase helped grow the apartment complex she manages.

“Our first building opened March of 2020, so we were just a year with that. Then each building was a month or two after. We’ve seen anywhere from students to families moving into the area with all the jobs that are opening up,” said Mcbride.

For Dougherty, Sunnybrook’s growth has brought many positives to Sioux City and Iowa.

“It’s a big part of our tax base, job creation and the sales tax dollars that come in. And one of the key components if we’re going to continue to grow both as a city and also as a state is to get good workforce housing, get good housing options for people,” said Dougherty.

“Just with, so many jobs that its brought and the community has grown so much and it, it’s kind of funny. Even born and raised here, there are other people that have been born and raised here but I still haven’t seen in ten, fifteen years because we’ve grown so much,” said Mcbride.

Dougherty said the increase in business and housing has lead to an increase in road traffic, causing the need for the traffic light that’s currently being built at the Sunnybrook and Sergeant Road intersections. That’s set to be complete this fall.