Sioux City women celebrate 100 years of voting

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Women from all over the community gathered to share how far women have come and what more needs to be done.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – On Sunday at the Sioux City Public Museum, the second annual Women Celebrating Women Event.

Women from all over the community gathered to share how far women have come and what more needs to be done. This annual celebration works to empower women in our community and pay respects to the achievements they’ve accomplished. One of those accomplishments taking place a century ago this year a woman’s right to vote.

“There really has only been 100 years where women have had the right to vote but to celebrate that and celebrate the positive impact that all people can make in their community by using that right to vote,” said Karen Mackey, the vice president of the Sioux City area National Organization for Women.

It’s more than just the right to vote, women are commemorating, but working towards the action of actually getting their fellow females to the polls.

“I remember her getting ready to go vote because that was exciting for us and it made an impression with me that I remember it all these years and I must have been pretty young about that time it stayed with me,” said Mickey Darrough, recounting the first time her mother voted.

Women of all generations gathering to motivate one another to show up for the 2020 election. Emphasizing the importance of setting a good example for generations to come.

“The same way that you were proud of your mom when she registered to vote, that she managed to fit it into her day, even though she was so busy at the farm. I’m proud of you and all the work that you have done through your life too,” said Linda Santee.

“I am so thankful to be born in this time frame but I must appreciate those who came before me and took such big strides that had to happen,” said Estella Ruhrer Johnson, the Sioux City co-founder for March For Lives, and East Highschool student.

Another big stride possible this year, with numerous women on the ballot and the chance to be the first female President of the United States.

“Get a woman into the office first. In the main office first, and of course, we have a woman governor in Iowa and a woman governor in South Dakota, so we have women coming forward,” said Darrough.

Dozens came out for Sunday’s celebration organizers said this is Sioux City’s way of participating in the many woman’s empowerment movements taking place across the country this weekend.

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