A 27-year-old Sioux City woman is facing multiple charges after authorities say she climbed on to a moving train on Tuesday morning. 

According to court documents Audrey Mercer was spotted riding a D and I Railroad locomotive near the 100 block of Nebraska Street around 10:00 A.M. on Tuesday. Police were unable to locate her when they arrived at the scene, but later made contact with Mercer while she was walking in the median around the 1100 block of Gordon Drive. 

Mercer told police that she had been walking on top of the train while looking for a friend. Police say that Mercer appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Officers described Mercer as having dilated eyes, making twitchy movements and speaking so quickly that it was difficult to understand her.

Authorities also say that Mercer had been to the Hard Rock Casino on July 8th and earlier Tuesday morning. Mercer is has been permanently banned from the casino by the Iowa DCI since August of 2016.

Mercer is currently charged with three counts Criminal Trespass and one count of Walking on Roadway. She’s being held in the Woodbury County Jail on a $1,200 bond.