Sioux City warns against draining pools and spas incorrectly

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The City of Sioux City has released a reminder for draining pools and spas and warns against illicit discharge.  

An illicit discharge is any discharge that is not entirely composed of stormwater (EPA) and can include effluent from septic tanks, car wash wastewaters, laundry wastewaters, improper disposal of auto and household toxins, and water from pools and spas.  

Water from spas and pools can be harmful to freshwater aquatic life in Iowa because it is treated with chlorine. Pollutant levels can significantly degrade water quality in receiving waters while posing a threat to wildlife and human health.  

Water from a pool or spa is prohibited from being discharged into the storm sewer system.  

To dispose of the water properly, prior to draining the pool or spa completely, discontinue adding salt and chlorine until the chlorine level is below 0.1 mg/L and the pH is between 6.5 and 8.5.  

Water should be directed onto a grassy area away from any concrete (15 feet) to allow the remaining chemicals to dissipate before reaching the storm drain.  

Keep water flow under 700 gallons per hour/12 gallons per minute to avoid erosion.  

Failure to follow guidelines could result in a fine under Sioux City Municipal Code 13.09.020.  

Contact the City of Sioux City Environmental Services to find out more information about properly draining your pool and spa.

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