SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — After roughly five days, Sioux City’s Urban Search and Rescue team has returned to Sioux City from Davenport.

On May 28, a 6-story apartment building collapsed in Davenport. A few days later, on June 1 Sioux City USAR was dispatched to the scene by the Iowa Department of Homeland Security to aid in the search and rescue of survivors.

Lt. Joe Rodrihuez, with the Iowa Taskforce One Sioux City Division, said there were a lot of emotions while on scene.

“The emotion was there, we wanna bring those closures to those families and find any victims in those rubble pile. And we knew we had three known people in it, but we wanted to ensure no one else was in the building. You know we all live in an apartment sometimes in our lives and sometimes visitors come with us or family comes over,” said Rodrihuez.

At this time three bodies have been recovered from the collapse authorities don’t have any other information indicating any more people are missing.