SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City Transit System will be making changes to four more routes.

Sioux City Transit made the announcement Thursday that they will be making changes to their remaining four routes after announcing changes to three routes in February. The new routes will go into effect on April 17.

One of the changes will be to the #2 PierceJackson route. The route will be straightened near Leif Erickson Park and will also include Winona Way.

Route #3 Marketplace will be redesigned to follow what Sioux City Transit is calling more streamlined by adding bidirectional service on Rebecca Street. The Perry Creek and marketplace shopping centers will still be served.

Route #4 Leeds will have minor changes made by decreasing the time spent on Floyd Boulevard while attempting to improve access to the Leeds neighborhood. The route will travel once through Leeds, stop at Walmart, and then return downtown via Leeds instead of stopping first at Walmart and then looping through Leeds.

Lastly, Route #8 Indian Hills will become entirely bidirectional and eliminate the large loop at the north of the route. The goal of this route refresh is to harmonize with Route #4.

If you have questions about route changes you can call 712-279-6404. Paratransit services can be asked at 712-279-6919.